‘All aboard’ with Onrail Plant Hire to support your next track construction project. Our specialised rail construction company will get your track work chugging along by providing hi-rail equipment, off track plant, site supervision, project management and skilled labour. Onrail provides late model, reliable and certified rail construction equipment to clients in the Sydney Metro, Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Greater West and Riverina areas. We also manage entire track maintenance work packages and can fully deliver track construction projects in-house. Onrail is a highly flexible business that works with their clients to deliver results safely, efficiently and to budget.


Company History

Onrail specializes in the supply of specific rail equipment for Sydney track construction and maintenance projects. We have been in operation since 2007 and have experienced continuous growth within the business since opening. Based in North Western Sydney, we have expanded our services across NSW and the eastern seaboard. Our experienced team at Onrail consists of 24 skilled engineers, plant operators, maintenance officers and managerial staff who are all highly qualified and skilled in their area of expertise.


Rail Projects and Maintenance

At Onrail we provide our Sydney clients with various track maintenance services and have the ability to deliver our projects completely in-house. We are experts in re-sleepering, rail undercutting, bog hole removals, track conditioning and drainage works. Our team will leave competitors in their tracks with our efficient and cost effective delivery of these maintenance projects.


Plant Hire

Onrail owns and expertly operates our vast fleet of rail plant and hi rail equipment that can be utilized on both maintenance or track construction projects. We can supply any piece of equipment from flatbed trucks to telehandlers, or excavators to rollers. We are constantly updating and expanding our fleet of hi rail plant and equipment to ensure reliability onsite and ensure that our fleet meets the most relevant industry standards. Onrail Plant Hire provides rail construction equipment that is reliable, innovative and specific to the task at hand.


To learn more about our rail equipment hire services, feel free to give us a call today on 0400 131 997