Among the Best Track Drainage Companies

Onrail has been engaged on a wide variety of projects that include both drainage and cable route installation. These works can be delivered as a lump sum project or hourly hire with our plant, depending on your project requirements.


Maintaining your railroad system is essential for cost saving in the long term; as liquids are removed swiftly from the surfaces, there is reduced need for earthmoving and on-going maintenance.


Effective track drainage keeps more trains on the rails, and ensures more services are on time, able to drive at the proper speed instead of a reduced speed. With greater safety on the drained and maintained tracks, the rails are well positioned to carry passengers to their destination.


The Onrail drainage advantage

Onrail is Australia’s leading maintenance specialist. Establishing our name through diligent resleepering tasks, we have shifted into other areas of railroad maintenance, boasting an expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. We are able to complete each drainage with reduced risk of slips, flooding, warping and derailments, to give you premium service and maximum return on your safety investment.


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Our excavators can come equipped with rock saws, rock hammers, rippers and all buckets sizes and configurations to meet your project requirements. Tailoring each track maintenance task to the rail lines’ unique environment, our solutions ascribe to the highest level of Australian safety standards.

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