Fibre Cement Plant Track Upgrade Project

Onrail has successfully delivered two projects within a Private Fibre Cement Manufacturing Plant in Wetherill Park, Sydney NSW.

The plant at Wetherill Park consists of two independent rail systems, each being approximately 160m in length. Each track is used to guide a gantry machine along the length of the track and manage the raw materials required in the manufacturing process of the Fibre Cement products developed in the plant. The stacker road is responsible for stockpiling raw gypsum that is delivered via ship and road from South Australia. The reclaimer road, is responsible for a feeding the raw gypsum product from the stockpile into the manufacturing plant.

When Onrail first inspected the site in July 2015, it was evident that both tracks had reached their life expectancy and were in urgent need of renewal. The rail system and gantry units are critical pieces of equipment that ensure the materials within the plant are in constant supply and ensure the continuous production of Fibre Cement Products.

As part of the works, Onrail removed all existing timber track along the length of the reclaimer road and replaced the timber sleepers with new slab track. Both rails on the track were replaced with 53kg/m rail.

The stockpile road was upgraded with new ballasted track and a combination of half -timber sleepers and 6m timber bearers with new 53kg/m rail. Timber bearers were placed at 5m centres to support the conveyor belt that is also part of the stacker system. Half sleepers supported the rail at 600mm centres between the timber bearers. All rail was Alumnothermically welded on both tracks to remove all joints.

The job was delivered ontime and under budget with zero safety issues. All works were completed whilst the plant was fully operational. Onrail scheduled the work in conjunction with the client’s operational requirements and programmed the delivery of the works to coincide with arrival of ship loads of gypsum being delivered to the plant and the manufacturing commitments of the group.